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As I am sure you know, in only a week or so, there will be an election. On the national, state and local levels, people are standing for re-election or election. I would urge all of our parishioners who are eligible to vote to take the time to do so. Please study the issues and the candidates. Pray about it. Make an informed decision and then do your civic duty and cast your vote.

In this week’s bulletin, please find an insert called “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.” This document is put out by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Please read it carefully, reflect upon it and pray over it

Also, in this week’s bulletin is a Litany of St. Thomas More, who is the Patron Saint of Statesmen, Politicians, and Lawyers. Our Bishop, Bishop Malooly, has asked that we pray this Litany as a novena for the nine days that end on Election Day. I invite all of you to follow the request of the Bishop. Cut the Litany out of the bulletin, click the link above, or bookmark it in your browser; and pray it every day from now until Election Day.


 Have A Great Bethany Beach Week!

A quote from an editorial in Our Sunday Visitor, October 4-10, 2020.

“Elections come and elections go. Leadership changes and political battles ebb and flow. We should not ignore this, nor should we be indifferent. But politics is not the center of our lives. For that, we have Jesus Christ.”

The Editorial Board is: Gretchen R. Crowe, Scott P. Richert, Scott Warden, York Young.

St. Ann Parish has re-opened for Mass

St. Ann Church will be open until 11:00 AM from Monday to Saturday following the daily mass, to allow for private prayer and devotion.


Annual Catholic Appeal

The Annual Catholic Appeal is still in progress.

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Words to Ponder:

”Thérèse, my little queen, entered Carmel yesterday. God alone can exact such a sacrifice, but he helps me mightily so that in the midst of my tears my heart overflows with joy.”

Saint Louis Martin (July 12), on his daughter Therese of Lisieux

“With those who are perfect and walk with simplicity, there is nothing small and contemptible, if it be a thing that pleases God.”

Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
October 30

You can read more about the saints here.

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