Grief and Bereavement Sessions

Grief and Bereavement sessions are on Wednesdays in Delaney Hall from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on the dates listed below. Attendance is open to anyone who has experienced one or more losses in the recent or remote past that have been difficult to resolve. The group is designed to do its best to welcome and care for each member.

Attendees need not be parishioners as all sufferers are warmly welcomed as our brothers and sisters.

Please note that masks and social distancing will be required of all participants. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, I’ve decided it might be better to begin later and end later than in previous years and to meet in the Hall in order to facilitate social distancing.

The meeting schedule is as follows:
March 24
April 7 and 21
May 5 and 19
June 2

The groups are conducted in a professional manner and are lead by physician and psychiatrist, Daniel D Cowell, MD (302) 537-0769. Former members are encouraged to attend because they have much valuable experience to offer newcomers.

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