Grief and Bereavement Sessions

Meetings for 2021-2022 resume on Wednesday, September 8th. The first group will meet at 9:30am in the Delaney Hall. Until further notice all participants will be required to wear masks, respect appropriate
distancing and will have temperatures checked upon entry.

Attendees need not be parishioners as all are welcomed as brothers and sisters. The group is designed to care for each member new or old who struggle with losses from the recent or remote past.

Please note that because of the unanticipated number of participants in 2021, it might be necessary to conduct 2 smaller groups. In this case, the day would be unchanged but the first group would begin at 9am. Further details will be announced in the Bulletin if this change proves to be needed.

The group(s) are lead by physician and psychiatrist,
Daniel D. Cowell, MD, (302) 537-0769.

Session Dates for 2021 and 2022
September- 8 and 22
October-6 and 20
November-3 and 17
December-1 and 15
January-5 and 19

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