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From the desk of Trinette Stillman, Principal

As we begin October, we focus our attention on the second Spiritual Work of Mercy-Counsel the Doubtful. A person who is doubtful is uncertain, undecided, or confused about what to think or believe. As a spiritual work of mercy, counsel focuses on spiritual matters. It is not about the dinner menu or the right paint color, but rather the values, beliefs, and choices used as guiding principles for a decision.

There are vastly different approaches to counsel. Worldly counsel asks, “What would make you happy?” “What would be healthy or beneficial for you?” Spiritual counsel asks, “What is God’s will in this?” “What is right and true?” The Christian doubtful wants counsel from a person who is grounded in Jesus and the Gospel. They want this person to have a compassionate heart, a listening ear, show empathy, offer encouragement, and extend prayers.

The teachers and staff at MBS strive each day to be counsel for the students. They help the students through their fears and emulate to them how to be counselors to others.

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Many blessings,
Trinette Stillman

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