Risen Jesus Cross Dedication
November 14

Many of you have seen the new picture that was put up on St. Ann’s overlooking the parking lot.

This painting was five years in the making.  It began as a Confirmation service project in 2016 with Miss Molly and four of our students Maria Cusimano, Guillianna Check-Guzman,  Alyssa Glycenfer and Lexi Hall.   These five worked out the basic design of the picture and painted in the cross and the figures.  Then it lay fallow for a few years,  not quite finished (the beardless Jesus looked like a girl—everyone said it!) and with a lack of vision on how to do that.   Then in Spring 2021,  Annie Haley was a sponsor for her nephew James at Confirmation and she was in for a chat about that and mentioned that she’d been to art school in Philly.  One thing led to another and Annie took the picture in hand,  gave cross and background new colors,  gave Jesus a beard and Palestinian face, and finished off the town and brightened up the children.   Voila!  There we are.   

Thank you to all who were involved in this wonderful project.  The picture will be blessed in a ceremony on Sunday, November 14 at 9:30am in the parking lot—this will serve as a prelude to our parish’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  We expect our Religious Education students and other interested parishioners are most welcome to be present.

Jesus of St. Ann’s Religious Education

At the top of the cross is the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.   This reminds us that the Spirit of Christ unites heaven and earth and strengthens us through the gifts of Spirit to search for and carry out the will of God in our own lives.   Then we see the Risen Lord (we know this from the wounds on His hands) who stretches his arms out to all in welcome.  The sight of his wounds is a sign of his transformation into new life through the supreme struggle, suffering and sacrifice of the cross.  Through our suffering, struggle, and sacrifices we are called to new life in Christ.  The world we live in may see our suffering as a sign of our weakness and failure and might even call us losers but not Christ, he will never call us losers when we unite our suffering with his.  At his feet are two children whose love for and complete trust in him is unmistakable—note their upward gaze at him and their smiles.   It is as if they are standing with Jesus between heaven and earth.  Below their feet is earth—our local version in the form of towns, Route 1,  farms and the ocean.

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