Flame of Love Devotion

The Flame of Love is a new Church-Approved Devotion. This devotion has the approval of Hungary’s Cardinal
Péter Erdö, and has also been granted an Apostolic Blessing by Pope Francis himself.
Through its effects, the Flame of Love (Jesus) of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will blind Satan.

This is Our Lady’s promise through Elizabeth Kindelmann, of Hungary, to the world:
“By my Flame of Love, a new era of grace, never before known on the earth, will begin.”

Please join us on Tuesdays in St. Ann’s Church to pray The Flame of Love Rosary devotion, at around 3:20 PM, immediately after Benediction. It lasts approximately 40 minutes. Please come and learn more about the messages given to Elizabeth, the foundress of the Flame of Love movement, that is spreading throughout the world!

Questions? Please contact Anna at 302-539-5796 or Brenda at 610-742-5944.

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