Are You Ready?

Christmas is a month away – are you ready to participate in the celebration of the greatest event that has ever occurred in human history?

Maybe not.

But that’s why the Church, in her wisdom, gives us Advent.

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During Advent we prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord through prayer, fasting, and repentance. But mingled with this are anticipation, hope, and joy.

It’s a complicated season. And to make it even more difficult, we are bombarded with the constant clamor of commercialization. By sheer volume, “Keep credit in Christmas” occasionally drowns out the small still voice that insists “Keep Christ in Christmas”. It’s so easy to lose our way, to lose this wonderful opportunity with which Advent presents us.

We need to look back at the birth of Christ, so that we can look forward to His coming into our hearts. To help us do that, we have a special Advent preparation page on this web site. Each day of each week of Advent, is offered with prayers, readings, and meditations that will help you walk the road to Bethlehem this Christmas.

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