Live Stream Mass to be discontinued
May 21

A decision has been made to end our parish’s live streaming of Sunday mass and of funerals.

In coming to this decision, discussions were held between Fr. Klevence, the business office, and the volunteers who have faithfully enabled the service. According to Fr. Klevence, “We have been doing the live-streaming for some time and the viewership has gone way down. The cost, as well as the time and talent being used by the live-streamers, is now excessive for the number of viewers.” 

The last regular livestream of the Sunday mass will occur at 10:30 AM this Sunday. We will no longer offer live-streaming of funeral masses held at St. Ann and Our Lady of Guadalupe churches after June 9, 2023. 

We originally began live-streaming both Sunday and daily mass over three years ago, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person attendance was not possible. Our daily mass live-stream ended in 2021, but live streaming of the Sunday Mass continued until now.  We want to thank all those who enabled the live-streaming to be carried on Facebook, MyParishApp and this web site; but most particularly those who performed the setup and maintenance of equipment at each mass.

We realize that attending Mass on Sunday and holy days of obligation  is not always possible for all members of the community. Live mass broadcasts are still available at numerous locations via the Internet.  A list of some of the many live masses that are live-streamed or televised can be viewed here on our web site.

Please remember, though, that, while television and internet broadcasts of Mass are useful for the sick or those unable to get to Mass because of some other infirmity, they are no substitute for attending mass in person.  As the broadcasters at CatholicTV are quick to point out,

“There is a tremendous difference between watching Mass on TV and participating in the Liturgy in person. When watching the televised Mass we certainly hear God’s Word and can be inspired to pray, but nothing can replace physically participating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receiving the Lord’s precious Body and Blood in the Eucharist. Whenever possible, it is always preferable to attend Mass in person.”

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