Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is sponsored by eight parishes in the region, including St. Ann Parish. It is dedicated to excellence in education, as well as fostering a faith-filled environment emphasizing reverence, respect and personal responsibility in the traditional spirit of Christian teaching. It is open for students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. MBS is a STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art and mathematics) school that emphasizes the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of every child.  It offers before and after-care as well as bus service for Delaware residents.

A limited amount of financial assistance is available to families of children whose parents are active members of St. Ann Parish. To learn more, please go here.

The school is located at 11242 Racetrack Road, Berlin, MD.  For additional information, please call Amanda Evans at 410-208-1600, email her here or visit their website at .

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From the desk of Trinette Stillman, Principal

The four weeks of Advent have us reflecting on Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. Advent has us focusing on Jesus’s coming, first as a man and then at the end of time. It exists to restore our vision on the two comings of Christ. In Advent, we learn that God is the basis of hope, this hope is the basis for increasing our love of this life. Often, we reduce hope to wishful thinking: such as I hope I get an A on the test, or I hope I get lots of presents for Christmas. This is not hope but wishful thinking. Hope needs some guarantee if it is to be truly hope. Advent helps us to see with fresh eyes that our eternal goal is already in progress because Christ is here with us. Heaven awaits us. This hope gives us the ability to see Christ in all, to encounter him in prayer, sacrament, and in scripture. Heaven is in our midst today through Jesus’s presence among us. His love for us increases our desire for Him and thus increases our Hope. At MBS, we begin each week with a school wide prayer service to embrace the hope of Christmas.

Please mark your calendars for some of our MBS holiday programs. On Wednesday, December 14 we will have our Piano and Band Recital at 6:30pm in our school cafeteria and on Wednesday, December 21 we will have our Christmas Program at 6:30pm in our school cafeteria. We would enjoy seeing members from our parish families.

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