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The primary purpose of Sodality is to help its members acquire a deep love and devotion to Mary. Being a member of Sodality is a Way of Life. It is a vocation, which should affect your whole day. In fact, it should affect your whole life. To live this life, we must have a model – Let us truly say that Mary, the Mother of God, is our model. So please come be a part of a spiritual organization where women act together for the Savior, the Blessed Mother, and our Church in joyful gathering.

The members of Sodality usually meet the first Thursday of each month, September through May, praying the Rosary at 8:10, worship at 8:30 Mass, followed by attending the monthly meeting(for exact dates and times, please check the bulletin or parish calendar). Members participate in charitable works for parishioners and the community like the “Children’s Book Project”(for more information click here).   In addition, they encourage and promote participation in all parish activities.  All women of the parish, full time and part-time, are encouraged and welcome to attend the meetings and the various functions.

Additional information may be found in the parish bulletin, or contact Connie Kneisly at 301-448-6519 (email her here) or Debby Hannan at 240-432-6412 (email her here).

Upcoming Events

Our next meeting will be on Thursday April 4th. Our presenter will be Linda Forte who is the Director of Easter Seals of Sussex County. She will be telling us about all the wonderful things that Easter Seals does in Lower Slower Delaware for children and adults and about the many community services provided by Easter Seals. We visited the facility on Rt. 113 and was amazed to see the happy faces of the clients who come every day to participate in the activities provided by Easter Seals.

Ad Jesum per Mariam
(To Jesus through Mary)

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