When you register as a member of the parish, you will automatically be placed on the mailing list for parish envelopes. Envelopes remind us of the needs of the church, and allow you to give in accordance with your changing circumstances. The numbered envelopes preserve your confidentiality, while still allowing accurate recording of your offerings.

In addition to the weekly offering envelopes, the mailing may include special collection envelopes, that serve as reminders of a call-to-action for special parish or diocesan efforts, such as charitable drives, debt reduction, missionary efforts, diocesan education initiatives, and so forth.

Envelopes can be placed in the Offertory basket at mass, or dropped off at the Parish Office. (Note: for at least the duration of the pandemic, you can drop your envelope in the “SECURE” mailbox to the right of the door to the Parish Office).

If you wish to contribute to the church by other means instead of envelopes, you can ask to be removed from the list by calling the Parish Office at (302) 539-6449 or by sending an email.

Note: For the duration of the current pandemic, please consider alternatives to church envelopes, especially if you are unable to attend mass, due to health concerns. There is additional information on the main Contribute page.

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