St. Ann’s Knights of Columbus Council awarded a gift of $2700 to Mr. Bill Drake, a Board member of Chimes Delaware and Chimes international located in Millsboro at a social gathering on May 9, 2019.

Chimes helps special needs of those afflicted with Down Syndrome living with autism and help those find gainful employment which raises their self-worth and self-esteem.

​Another $2700 check was delivered to Autism Delaware; they too are a local organization that seeks to improve their lives

Annually the Knights of Columbus have a “Tootsie Roll Drive”; the monies collected are distributed 25% to Special ,Olympics and 75% to local charities.

An interesting note on all this is that the Tootsie Rolls are donated to the Knights and have always been by the manufacturer since this fundraiser began many years ago. So in fact all monies raised go to the above mentioned charities.

​This year we raised over $7500 with this drive thanks in part to both Giant and Hockers Supermarkets, allowing Knights to solicit for the drive on two weekends this year.

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